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Karen Klebbe, Library Director

Aleene Lenz, Circulation Secretary

The library is staffed by one full-time MLS librarian and one full-time secretary. The library is equipped with an online catalog and circulation system. The catalog lists information about the resources of 400 libraries in central and southern Illinois, including Centennial's collection.

Assistance from Library Staff

The Centennial library is committed to intellectual freedom and supports free access to information. The primary goals of the library program are to provide the leadership, personnel, resources, equipment, and facilities needed to help students and teachers to become effective users of ideas and information. These goals are accomplished by providing a physically accessible collection representing multiple viewpoints in various formats and by maintaining open access to library resources throughout the school day. (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM for teachers and 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM for students). The library is never permanently scheduled with classes or study halls, but rather, maintains a flexible schedule whereby, library facilities are used as instructional needs dictate and students have access to the library during all hours of operation. To ensure that appropriate supplemental resources are available to support students research and classroom instruction, the librarian provides bibliographic instruction, reference, interlibrary loan, maintains up-to-date resources, and collaborates with teachers and other educators.

Borrowing Privileges

Generally, teachers and staff are given unlimited use of library materials. All materials need to be checked out. Please do not remove materials from the library without checking them out first. When materials are not checked out, we are unable to locate them when you need them. Faculty and staff are not assessed fines but are encouraged to return materials as soon as possible when done using them.

Library Notices

Please distribute to students library notices for overdue material or material being held for them in the library. Faculty and staff will also receive notices.

Library Research

Library staff are eager to assist students with library research. This process is most effective when the librarian is able to meet with your entire class to introduce and review with them specific resources and research strategies. The librarian will also assist you with the development of your research assignment at your request. Please provide the librarian with a copy of your assignment prior to your first class visit to the library. This will allow the librarian to place materials on reserve for your students, and to alert the public library when necessary.

Class Visits to the Library

Teachers are required to schedule class visits to the library with the librarian in advance. Often there is more than one class using the library during the same period. Contact library staff on the availability of library space. When you are in the library with your students they are under your direct supervision. The library is a quiet study area where students are to work independently. If during your visit students need to work in groups to complete their research, they are to do so with discretion. Please do not schedule class visits to the library when you know you will have a substitute teacher.

Students to the Library with Passes

Students using the library during class periods are issued passes from their classroom teacher. Write on the pass the purpose for which the student is being sent to use the library (for example, research, use a computer, check out a book, etc.) When the student arrives in the library, he/she should show the pass to library staff. This shows:

  • that the student has a pass.
  • the purpose of the visit.
  • how library staff can best assist the student.

If the student leaves the library before the end of the period, the student must have his/her pass signed by library staff. Students in the library with passes who are not on task, or not following library policies, will be sent back to class with the time they left the library on the pass and the reason for their dismissal.

Please do not send more than five students at a time with passes to the library. If more than five students need to use the library, perhaps you should consider bringing the entire class to the library.

Consult the Student Guide section of this Web site for library policies for students.

Electronic Services

SHARE Online Catalog

SHARE is an online library catalog system listing information about the resources of libraries in central and southern Illinois, including the Centennial Library collection.

Online Databases

You have access to a variety of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, encyclopedias and dictionaries, and other specialized databases.

Audio-Visual Equipment Circulation

Available Equipment

Centennial Library has a limited number of the following audio-visual equipment available for classroom instruction:

  • Overhead Projector
  • TV/VCR/DVD units
  • Portable Projection Screen

Return equipment to the library promptly since there are a limited number available for use. Overhead projectors are retained by teachers in their classrooms along with TV/VCR/DVD units, they are permanently assigned to your department. You need to schedule TV/VCR/DVD units and overhead projectors available in your department before requesting one from the library. Library TV/VCR/DVD units need to be returned by the end of the school day. Do not remove AV equipment, AV carts, or book carts from the library without checking with library staff.

Audio-Visual Equipment Repair

When you have problems with AV equipment return it to the library with a note describing the problem and notify your Content Area Chair. Replacement bulbs for overhead projectors are located in the main office not in the library, see main office staff when you need a replacement bulb for your overhead projector.

Video Collection

Centennial library has a DVD collection. You can locate DVDs by searching the online catalog or by browsing the shelves.

Library Materials Acquisition

Teachers are encouraged to make recommendations for library material acquisitions. Alert the librarian of recent publications in your content area that you would like added to the collection. Lists of new materials are distributed periodically to teachers and staff.

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