For certain activities during the school year (i.e. Spectrum), non-Centennial students may be granted permission to participate. Permission needs to be obtained from a building administrator and activity sponsor and will be based on the person's school and/or community conduct.

Name Description Meetings/Contact
African-American Culture Club The Afro-American Club offers interested students opportunities to learn about and celebrate Afro-American culture. The club sponsors speakers and holds discussion panels to promote cultural awareness, awards scholorships honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, and organizes the annual Food for Families Drive at Centennial High School. Contact Cessily Wilson-Thomas at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Anime Club This organization focuses on Japanese animation, we watch anime films, read Japanese comics, and study Japanese culture. The club mets once a week for an hour. Meeting times will be announced in the daily bulletin. Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p. m. in Room 231. Contact Claire Vail at (link sends e-mail)
Archery Club This club is funded by donations and fundraising. Meeting times and dates to be determined. Please contact Aleene Lenz (link sends e-mail), in the Junior/Senior center, or call 217-351-3952 ext 1609.
Art Club This club gives students the opportunity to continue their apprecation and exploration of the arts. We get together and do art activities such as tie dye, drawing, painting, ceramics, masks, pumpkin carving, and beadwork. If possible, we visit art museums in Champaign, St. Louis, and Chicago. Meets at 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. twice monthly on Tuesdays in room 207e. Contact Ms. Percoco (link sends e-mail).
Best Buddies

Creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is what Best Buddies is all about. Centennial's chapter was established in the fall of 2014. As well as weekly one-to-one time Buddies and Peer Buddies have, w e have monthly chapter events such as movies, ice cream socials, parties, and more.

Please contact Amy Westfield (link sends e-mail) or Laura Koterba-Buss at (link sends e-mail).
Board Game Club Meet to play various board games. Some of the games that are available to play are Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Bang!, Kingdom Builder, Stratego, Chess, Magic: The Galthering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Students are welcome to bring in their own game and teach other how to play. Meet in room 113 on Wednesdays from 3:30 p. m. - 5:00 p.m. Contact Nathaneal Ellis (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Carle Health Advocacy Team The purpose of CHAT is to raise health awareness at our school. Contact Joanne Becker, (link sends e-mail) for more information.
The Centinal Centennial's online publication, The Centinal, is produced by our student staff of writiers and editors. Newspaper is an elective course that students apply to enter. Visit or contact Jen McQueen, (link sends e-mail)
The Centurian The Centurian, Centennial's yearbook, is published annually by a staff of students. The staff is selected by the advisor in the spring. The Centurian staff starts its work the first week of school and continues until the book is ready for distribution. The work requires constant effort, and the staff must be willing to contribute its services whenever needed. Contact Lindsay Green at (link sends e-mail).
Charger Computer Club This club is designed for students with interest in programming and app building. This club is pushing toward graphic design as well. Contact Jim Linnenburger at (link sends e-mail).
Children's Miracle Network - Dance Marathon All Centennial students are asked to join our cause to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network to support St. John's Children's Hospital in Springfield, IL. Each student can join for $20.00 with the promise to fundraise to help the Children's Miracle Network. Please contact Marian Wyatt, (link sends e-mail).
Choose Kindness Organization (CKO) This is a student led community wide effort devoted to bullying prevention and awareness. Chapters exist at the Champaign Park District, Edison, and Jefferson. Contact Ms. Aikman, (link sends e-mail).
Club Cultura Centennial's International Student Union. Students from all over teh world are invited to join us as we explore the traditions and cultures of our home countries and create a global community here. Contact Sue Feldman, (link sends e-mail).
Color Guard Color Guard is a performing group that combines dance with flags and props to liven up the halftime shows at football games and compete against other high school Color Guards in the fall. The Color Guard students are featured in every performance with the marching band in parades and field shows in competitions and varisty football halftime performances. Contact Mike Alen at (link sends e-mail) or Nick Schulze at (link sends e-mail).
Creative Writing Club We write, talk, perform, etc. We publish a monthly online literary magazine that features creative pieces from all Charger students. Meets on Tuesdays after school in room 226. Contact Ms. Green at (link sends e-mail).
CU Scholars

There are five components to the program:

  1. Academics - CU Scholars are placed on a college bound track with 4 years of English, 4 years of math, 3 years of science, 2 years of the same foreign language, and social studies as required by Unit 4.
  2. Attendance - CU Scholars must maintain a 95% attendance rate or better through 8 semesters of high school.
  3. Behavior - CU Scholars must graduate with no out-of-school suspensions.
  4. Volunteer service - CU Scholars must complete 80 hours of documented volunteer service before the completion of their senior year.
    1. Summer training - There is a summer training program following the student's freshman, sophomore, and junior years.
more details at (link is external).
Dance Team Centennial Dance Team is a precision drill team/pompon squad that provides entertainment with the school band at home football and basketball games, assemblies, and other appropriate events. Any Centennial student is eligible to try out in the spring of the previous year. Contact Katherine Jones at Centennial's High School Athletics Department.
Everyone Needs Music The purpose of this club is to reach out to people in our community through our musical gifts. The group meets about twice a month to practice and compose music to perform at nursing homes, hospitals, and other places that we can spread the joy of music. Please contact Marian Wyatt, (link sends e-mail).
Fashion Club Fashion Club serves as an avenue for identity exploration and expression.The club celebrates a DIY ethos through hands-on activities. This past year we hosted a pop-up thrift store, weekly student-led knitting tutorials, and a prom dress drive. Contact Charlie Weinberg at (link sends e-mail)
Fiction Addiction Book Club The Fiction Addiction Book Club is a forum for students to share and enjoy literature of their choice and to read and discuss the work of their favorite writers and genres. The club promotes reading for fun as a life-time activity through book talks, reviews, and book related activities (author visits, workshops, etc.). Members also make recommendations of books to be added to the Library collection. Meetings are held Thursday at 3:20 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Centennial Library. Contact Karen Klebbe at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Feminism Club Students are invited to join our discussion about issues related to gender equality and feminism. Club members also plan periodic service and awareness projects. Meets bi-monthly in room 234 after school. Contact Jen McQueen at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Future Business Leaders of America FBLA is one of the largest and oldest business student organizations in the world for high school students. FBLA focuses on three distinct areas: community service, learning leadership skills, and competing in competitions at area, state, and national levels. There are over sixty different events that you canc hoose to compete in from the business and computer science areas.
Future Physicians of America This organization learns about various fields of medicine and career opportunities through guest speakers and field trips. Contact Ms. Sudlow at (link sends e-mail).
Gay-Straight Alliance G.S.A. is a student-led organization. It was created so that any student who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender...or an ally, (LGBTA), can feel safe and have a sense of belonging at Centennial. High school can be a difficult time for LGBT youth and many people do not know how to deal with it. We are welcoming to everyone, even those who just wish to help create a school community free from bias and harassment. We host educational and social activities throughout the school year to promote acceptance and awareness. Some of our fun events are ice cream socials, area-wide GSA pizza parties, and dances. Our educational campaigns include: Gay History Month in October, along with LGBT Awareness Month and Day of Silence in April. We also work with teachers and administrators for educational campaigns and policy change. Contact Ms. Stacey Gross at (link sends e-mail), Ms. Ondine Gross at (link sends e-mail), or Joshua Doniek at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Guitar Club Please contact Mr. Musselman for more information. Contact Mr. Musselman at (link sends e-mail).
Interact is a Rotary-sponsored high school service organization for young men and women committed to serve Centennial as well as various community groups. Members are selected by faculty vote to serve during their senior year from those who apply for candidacy during their junior year. Since this is a service organization rather than a social club, members are expected to demonstrate dependability, integrity, responsibility, and leadership.
The Centennial Interact Club is devoted to providing opportunities for its members to participate in public service for both the school and the community. The Club is composed of seniors and sponsored by the Champaign Rotary Club. The Club sponsors several events during the school year including the Austin Cloyd Day of Service, Homecoming Chili Supper, and Holiday Adopt a Family.
Contact Mr. Chedister at (link sends e-mail) or Mrs. Anderson at (link sends e-mail).
Key Club key Club is a service leadership organization open to all students grade 9-12 at the high school which is sponsored by the Champaign-Urbana Noon Kiwanis Club. As a student-led organization, Key Club's objective is the development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practives as it serves the school and community.membership dues are $20.00 per year which includes the club T-shirt. Meetings are Thursdays each week at 3:30 p.m. in room 202. Contact Marian Wyatt at (link sends e-mail) with suggests or for more information.
League of Legends Club This is a new interactive game club and will meet after school. Contact Jim Linnenburger for more information at (link sends e-mail).
LINK Club This club's purpose is to spread awareness about grass root liberation in North Korea and to fundraise for refugee rescue programs to make passage for North Koreans from China. Contact Emma Wilson at (link sends e-mail) or Aaron Chun at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Math Honor Society, Mu Theta Alpha We are a nationally recognized honor society committed to service and promotion of high excellence in mathematics. Members are required to have and maintain a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) GPA in their math courses to be admitted to the honor society. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings, commit tutoring service hours, and participate in other various activites. TBA
Math Team The club will prepare students to compete in various math competitions. the main competition takes place in February as a regional event and in May as a state event. We meet every Tuesday in room 240 starting at 3:30 p.m., ending around 4:30 p.m. Contact Jay Hooper at (link sends e-mail).
National Honor Society The Centennial National Honor Society is an elite group of junior and senior students that must meet the requirements of a 3.5 GPA, two letters of recommendation, and a personal essay in order to become a member. After the induction ceremony, students must earn 15 points of service credit during the school year, attend at least 5 monthly meetings, and maintain a 3.5 GPA. Contact Marian Wyatt at (link sends e-mail) or Mr. Pete Schmitt at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
National French Honor Society The National French Honor Society is an organization sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French for students of French who achieve and maintain the standards outlined in the constitution of the organization. The objectives are to stimulate interest in the study of the French language, culture, and civilization; to promote and reward high scholastic attainments; and to perpetuate Franco-American friendship. To be eligible for membership in the Centennial High School Chapter, candidates must demonstrate outstanding scholarship, leadership, and character; must have completed at least one semester of French at Centennial High School; must be enrolled in fourth semester or higher of French study; and must have maintained at least an A- average in French and at least a B- average in other subject areas. Contact Ms. Melinda Orrison at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
National German Honor Society Delta Epsilon Phi is a National Educational Honorary Society for students of German. It is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German and recognizes high scholastic attainment in the study of German, and promotes interest in the study of German language, literature, culture, and civilization.  To be eligible, students must have completed three semesters of German, at least two of which were completed in the high school into whose chapter they are to be initiated. Students must have attained a 3.4 average in German during these three semesters (on a 4.0 scale), and a 3.0 average in all additional classes. These grade averages must be maintained, and students must be enrolled in German class in order to retain their eligibility. Contact Ms. Malloy at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
National Spanish Honor Society (Pardo Bazan Chapter) The purpose of the Pardo Bazan Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is classified as a national educational society in the study of high school Spanish and is sponsored by the American Association of Teacher of Spanish and Portuguese. Election to the chapter is based on achievement in Spanish and satisfactory citizenship. After three semesters of study, students must have a 4.0 average; after five semesters, a 3.7; and after seven semesters or more, a 3.15 average in Spanish.  Members are required to complete a number of hours in the Spanish community. Meetings held monthly in room 225. Contact Katie Bednar at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Ping Pong Club This club gives students a place to play ping pong, for fun and competitively, every Monday after school in the cafeteria until 4:30. There are school-wide tournaments and an in club league that you can join. Meet new people and have fun with old friends! Meets weekly in the cafeteria from 3:30 to 4:30. Contact Ms. Mcmenamin at
Principal's Scholars The goals of the Principal’s Scholars Program are to enhance minority students’ academic potential, increase student participation in strong academic courses, and broaden the student’s awareness of career choices. Some of the ongoing activities of PSP include: monthly career orientation meetings at the University of Illinois campus, academic contests and competitions, and field trips to college campuses and industrial sites. Students must have attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher to be eligible to participate in the program. See your counselor for details.
Racial Identity Student Experience (R.I.S.E.) A racially diverse group of young men who explore race and spread awareness with the intent of mentoring elementary aged studetns. Contact Ms. Aikman at (link sends e-mail)
Scholastic Bowl Scholastic Bowl is a buzzer-based team activity. Particiapants in Scholastic Bowl answer trivia questions with topics franging from classical philosophy to pop music. the team practices weekly and travels often to tournaments all over the state. Contact Michael Sorice at (link sends e-mail) or Matt Jodino at (link sends e-mail).
Science Olympaid Science Olympiad is an academic team that requires try-outs. They compete in over twenty different science oriented events at the regional level. Contact Ms. Sudlow at (link sends e-mail).
Spanish Club Meets once a month at 3:30 p.m. in room 225. Activities are related to Spanish culture and involve food, music, crafts, and more. No need to speak Spanish to join. Contact Katie Bednar at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Speech Team Speech Team provides a unique opportunity for centennial students to develop the skills to perform in front of a controlled audience. Experience in both theatrical and public speaking areas can be gained by participating in speech tournaments throughout the state. Students may participate in tournaments beginning in November and ending in March. meetings are held weekly during the speech season and monthly out of season. Yearly awards are given, and a Performer of the Year is selected. Students may participate at different levels of involvement. This is an IHSA sponsored activity and varsity letters are awarded. Contact Keith Blandford at (link sends e-mail) or Maurice Haney at (link sends e-mail).
Student Council
Students for a Better World This is an organization of students committed to informing the student body of problems; issues and concerns in the school, community, state, nation, and world; and presents solutions and organization actions to instill changes for the better. The organization encourages club members to be effective community activists and organizers. Students for a Better World seeks members who are aware of problems pertaining to various aspects of the environment and who know what they can do to help lessen or eliminate those problems. Aspects of our environment include human rights, animal rights, pollution, and forestry depletion and waste disposal management. Membership is open to all interested students. Contact Ms. Sudlow at (link sends e-mail)
Thespian Playmakers One of the most far-reaching activities is Dramatics. This club is devoted to speech and theater activities. Centennial has one of the most advanced lighting systems anywhere in high school drama and this with the additional make-up and staging rooms, offers a variety of experience in theater work. Membership is open to all students. Thespians meet backstage from 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. one Friday a month. Contact Lindsay Green at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Tri-M Honor Society This is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Conact Nick Shulze at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Veteran's Classroom Project Students create video documentaries of veterans and projects are uploaded to the Illinois Veteran's Classroom project website. Contact Mrs. Marian Wyatt at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
Video Club Vide Club records and live streams Centennial sports events and other events such as music concerts, graduation, and club initiations. Contact Mrs. Marian Wyatt at (link sends e-mail) for more information.
WYSE The World Youth in Science and Engineering club offers opportunities for students to compete in state math and science. Cotnact Mr. Kilber at (link sends e-mail) for more information.