About Our Volunteers

At Centennial we use over 100 volunteers every year.  In the classroom, they assist teachers in subjects of all areas:  Math from Algebra I to Calculus, English, Sciences of all sorts, Social Studies, Music, Art, Computers, Foreign Languages, PE, and many more.  Our volunteers run our food pantry, mentor students, help coach, run small groups and tutor one-on-one.  Whether it’s for just an hour or two or all year long, volunteers help make our school a success!  We’d love to have you be a part!

Where Can I Volunteer?

Please contact the volunteer coordinator at the school where you would like to volunteer. The school coordinator will explain opportunities at the school.

Who Can I Contact?

For volunteering opportunities in our school, or for more information, please contact Sara Easter at the email address listed below.

Sara Easter - eastersa@u4sd.org (link sends e-mail)

What Must I do?

Want to Volunteer?

Who should I contact with further questions?

Contact the Community Outreach Coordinator, Lauren Smith, by phone at 217-351-3722 or email at smithla@u4sd.org (link sends e-mail).