Senior Final Exam Schedule:

            Monday, May 22nd            5th-8th hour exams (Students will attend morning classes as usual)

            Tuesday, May 23rd            1st-4th hour exams (Students are finished after 4th hour)

Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Final Exam Schedule:

Time Wednesday, May 24th Thursday, May 25th
8:10 - 9:25 Period 4 Period 5
9:30 - 10:45 Period 2 Period 7
10:50 - 12:05 Period 3 Period 1
12:05 - 12:25 LUNCH LUNCH
12:30 - 1:45 Period 8 Period 6

*Wednesday, May 24th, will not be a late start day.  School will start at 8:10.

Students who don’t have a class scheduled during a given hour do NOT need to report to or remain at school during that hour.  Freshman and Sophomore students do NOT need to attend their Advisory periods on Exam days.  These students may study quietly in the cafeteria.  Students who are not taking Exams should not loiter in the hallways because this disrupts the Exam environment! 

Please Note: Any request to take exams outside of the above times must be submitted IN WRITING to the Associate Principal as far in advance as possible.  The request should include which exams need to be taken outside of the scheduled times and the reason(s) why.  Please note that requests are NOT guaranteed and may be denied.  Please make every effort to take exams during the times scheduled above.

Shuttle Bus Schedule (for students who have classes at Central):

Pick up at CI Pick up at CE Wednesday, May 24th Thursday, May 25th
8:00 8:00 Period 4 Period 5
9:25 9:20 Period 2 Period 7
10:45 10:40 Period 3 Period 1
12:05 12:00 LUNCH LUNCH
12:25 12:20 Period 8 Period 6
1:45 1:40 Return to Home School Return to Home School