May 17, 2018

Clubs and Activities      

  • Are you signed up to take AP US History next year? The mandatory meeting for those in the course will be offered today in room 213 at 3:30 PM. The meeting will include attendance, information about summer assignment, and general expectations for the course. For more information, please see Mr. Sikora or Ms. McMenamin.
  • Attention all students enrolled in AP Calculus for next school year. There will be a meeting in room 119 after school today. You will meet the AP Calculus teachers, get your summer assignment, textbook and other information regarding AP Calculus. If you cannot make the meeting, please see Mrs. Pacey in room 241 AFTER May 17th. Thank you
  • If you are an AP Macroeconomics student in the fall semester, please see Mr. Meagher in room 212 after school at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, May 22nd. If you are registered for the spring term, your meeting will be in the fall.
  • If you are an AP European History student registered for next year, please meet with Mr. Meagher in the library at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, May 23rd.
  • The Library will reopen on Friday, May 18th, and will continue to be open through Friday, May 25th for QUIET STUDY ONLY!!
  • ALL Library materials will be due by Friday, May 18th. Please be sure to return them to the drop boxes, inside or outside of the Library.
  • As the weather gets warmer, there are a few violations that cause students to be sent to the APs offices. Please remember the following dress code guidelines:
  1. For young men & ladies, clothing must cover undergarments and midriffs. This means no tube tops or halter tops for ladies.
  2. Garments with tobacco, drugs, profanity, gang or sexual innuendo are prohibited

Those in violation will be asked to change or call home to provided alternate clothes.

Final Exam Schedule for Seniors and Junior Grads

Monday, May 21st -   1st-4th - hour as usual     5th-8th - hour Exams

Tuesday, May 22nd   -   1st-4th hour - Exams (students are finished after 4th hour)

The Champaign Unit #4 School Board wants to hear your voice.  The Board is looking for a Centennial student to be a Student Ambassador.

The Student Ambassador will

·        Attend all regular and study session meetings of the Board

·        Meet with a variety of students and student groups in order to gain a broad understanding of student interests, concerns and needs

·        Represent all students

·        Communicate student viewpoints on issues before the Board

·        Answer Board questions and concerns from a student perspective

·        Review the Board meeting packet and student-generated discussion items with his/her Principal prior to each Board meeting

You can pick up an application today in the MAIN OFFICE.

·        Applications are due to Mr. Neitzel  in the Main Office by Friday, May 25, 2018.

To View athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.