Monday, March 9

Upcoming Clubs and Activities Events:

  • Attention Parents of Ninth graders.  All Ninth graders must submit a current dental exam to the Main Office by Friday, May 15th.  That deadline is rapidly approaching.  If your student does not have this information on file, you will be receiving notification of that via email during the week of Spring Break.  Please be watching for that notification.  Thanks, Mrs. Royse
  • Wednesday, March 25th, after school we will be making Japanese tea ceremony sweets called wagashi.  Mrs. Gunji will lead us in making a wagashi recipe from her cookbook that will then be enjoyed with tea.  There is limited availability!  To sign up, come see us in the library.
  • Computing is where the jobs are, but fewer than 1 in 5 computer science graduates are women. Join the movement to close the gender gap by joining Girls Who Code – Tuesday, March 10th after school in room 123!
  • PE make-ups will be taking place Tuesday, March 10th both before and after school. Student will need to be dressed in PE clothes and ready to be on the track or north gym deck (in case of inclement weather) by 7:30 am and or 3:30 pm. An intercom announcement will be made as to the exact location. Before school, students should come through the main entrance
  • Prom is right around the corner and we will be having several fundraisers to help support our Prom efforts. Prom committee is selling Beef House rolls $8.50 a dozen, jam or apple butter $8.50 a pint. Orders due by Wednesday, March 25th.  
  • Seniors:  Have you been in 2 foreign languages? Or:  Do you speak a heritage language at home and have taken a class in another language?  If so, you are eligible for Centennial's "Trilingual Award"! Talk to Frau Malloy in Room 220 to see if you qualify for this recognition from the University of Illinois's "Center for Translation Studies" and presented at the Senior Awards Night in May.  Deadline is Wednesday 11 March.  

College and Career Event:

The following institutions will be visiting Centennial High School:

The following institutions will be visiting Centennial this week. Please note that all students can attend a college visit, and must sign up at least the school day before to attend. Students must have permission from the teacher whose class they will be missing, as well as their parent/guardians to attend, and will be responsible for any missing work. Students can sign up for visits on Naviance, or can talk to Mr. Chun at the College and Career Center.

Monday, March 9th: 

2ndhour: Indiana University Kokomo

4th hour: St. Ambrose University 

7th hour: Rockford University

Please follow the College and Career Center on twitter for more updates! Follow @100CCCenter ! 

There will be two info sessions for amazing summer programs that are coming up. You can ask questions and hear from Centennial students who attended these programs! 

ACLU Summer Program info session: Wednesday, March 25th, 7th hour 

U of I Engineering Summer Camps: today, 7th hour. 

Please email Mr. Chun ( at least one day prior to the visit to get a pass for the visit. 

There have been many job opportunities and summer camp opportunities added to the College and Career Center website! Please check them out at ! 

There are a lot of different fun and job opportunities on the College and Career Center Website. The U of I have many visiting and summer opportunities for students, Boy's and Girl's State offers great programs for students interested in learning about team building, and there are multiple part time job opportunities. Please check them out at the CCC website!

To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.