Monday, March 12

Upcoming Clubs and Activities Events

  • Girls basketball awards banquet will be today at Jupiter’s starting at 6:30pm. Please bring all uniforms, practice jerseys, and backpacks to be turned in.  
  • PE make-ups will be taking place on today both before and after school. Student will need to be dressed in PE clothes and ready to be on the track or student entrance stairwell (in case of inclement weather) by 7:30 am and or 3:30 pm. An intercom announcement will be made as to the exact location. Before school, students should come through the student entrance
  • APEX Students: Due to the internet outage scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, we will be having an optional make up session on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 in room 124. We strongly encourage you to attend in order to print materials you will need over break to maintain progress towards completing your coursework. 
  • Planning to clean out your closet over Spring Break? Donate old t-shirts and jeans to the Charger 4-H and we will make them into dog toys for the Humane Society. Drop them off in the green box outside the library. We'll be making the toys in April.
  • Students, please check your school email or google classroom for important construction updates.  Construction will be starting during Spring Break and will continue over the next few years.  
  • Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Child & Teen Dental Clinic will be at Centennial on March 26-28. Please complete the consent form that was emailed to parents and return to school by Monday, March 25. If you are unable to download the form that was emailed, your child can pick up one in the main office.
  • Who Said That?”  Friday’s quote was:  “Think like a queen.  A queen is not afraid to fail.  Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

There was no winner for that quote.  The correct answer was B) Oprah Winfrey.

Born in poverty to a teenage single mother, Winfrey faced numerous obstacles growing up.  She got her first job in radio in high school and, after co-anchoring the local evening news at 19, she moved to a daytime talk show.  She was responsible for substantially boosting the ratings, and she launched her own production company.  Though it ended in 2011, The Oprah Winfrey Show remains the highest-rated television show of its kind in history.  She is also the first multibillionaire black person in North America.  Winfrey has dominated other forms of media through her magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, films, books, and radio shows.

Now, for your Tuesday’s quote.  Remember to submit your answer to the Library by the end of the day today.  Who said:  “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable within herself.”  Is the correct answer…….A) Vera Wang?  B) Lucille Ball?  Or C) Nancy Pelosi?

  • Congratulations to these top students in the entire State of Illinois for the All State Band and Orchestra: John Bae, Savannah Gamble, Hannah Kim, James Shin, Grace Song, Nathan Hollis, Jennifer Chen. The following students were selected as IHSA Solo And Ensemble Best of the Day for East-Central Illinois: Robbie Pulliam, Amy Paul, Nathan Hollis

  College and Career Event:

The following institutions will be visiting Centennial next week. Please note that all students can attend a college visit, and must sign up at least the school day before to attend. Students must have permission from the teacher whose class they will be missing, as well as their parent/guardians to attend, and will be responsible for any missing work. Students can sign up for visits on Naviance, or can talk to Mr. Chun at the College and Career Center.  

Wednesday, March 13th

1st hour: University of Illinois at Springfield 

2nd hour: St. Ambrose University 

4th hour: Mac Murray University 

To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.