Wednesday, December 19

Upcoming Clubs and Activities Events

  • This year, students will not be receiving paper copies of their 2nd semester schedules.  Instead, they will access them through their Home Access Center (HAC) account.  Student schedules will be ready by Monday, January 7, 2019 AFTER 4:00 PM. Any schedules viewed prior to that time may not be accurate. Students should log into HAC before they leave for winter break to make sure they can get into their accounts.

  • During finals week, the Library will only be used as a quiet study area ONLY!  This includes ALL lunch periods.   

  •  “Need help with math? Math Honors Society jam sessions will be today, after school till 4:30!” 

  • Any boys interested in playing tennis this year should plan to attend a short meeting in the cafeteria on January 9th after school. We will discuss the upcoming season and open hits.

Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule


Thursday, December 20th

Friday, December 21st


Period 4

Period 5


Period 2

Period 7


Period 3

Period 1





Period 8

Period 6

Students who don’t have a class scheduled during a given hour do NOT need to report to or remain at school during that hour.  Freshman and Sophomore students do NOT need to attend their Advisory periods on Exam days.  These students may study quietly in the cafeteria.  Students who are not taking Exams should not loiter in the hallway because this disrupts the Exam environment! 

To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.