Friday, December 14

Upcoming Clubs and Activities Events

  • The Library will be CLOSED all day today.

  • Come support the dance team Flapjack fundraiser at Applebee's ( 2121 North Prospect Ave.) on Saturday December 15th from 8:00-10:00 am. You may purchase a $5.00 ticket from a dance team member or Coach Jones. Tickets will also be sold at the door. 

  •  Last chance for PE make-ups for this semester will be taking place on Tuesday, December 18th both before and after school. Student will need to be dressed in PE clothes and ready to be on the track or student entrance stairwell (in case of inclement weather) by 7:30 am and or 3:30 pm. An intercom announcement will be made as to the exact location. Before school ,students should come through the student entrance

  • "Need help preparing for any social studies finals? Come to study sessions hosted by Rho Kappa Honor Society in room 213 after school on Tuesdays. There will be a space to study with knowledgeable students willing to help in any way shape or form in classes ranging from economics to world history. Don’t be shy, come on by: room 213, after school, on Tuesdays." 

  • Mark your calendars - the Charger 4-H is having a holiday party on Tuesday, the 18th at 3:30 in room 115. There will be games and food. We'll also vote and make a video. Fill out the form on google classroom to help us plan. The class code is: 45zue8. 

  •  Are you traveling over winter break or are you staying home to relax?  Whatever you are doing, take time out to read a book for fun!!  Come check out the selection in the library! 

  •   For those of you with library books already checked out.......Don't forget to renew your library books before winter break to avoid overdue fines.

  • During finals week, the Library will only be used as a quiet study area ONLY!  This includes ALL lunch periods.   

  • Toy for Tots has a box is in the main office. Please consider dropping off a new toy(s) for a child this holiday season

Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule


Thursday, December 20th

Friday, December 21st


Period 4

Period 5


Period 2

Period 7


Period 3

Period 1





Period 8

Period 6

Students who don’t have a class scheduled during a given hour do NOT need to report to or remain at school during that hour.  Freshman and Sophomore students do NOT need to attend their Advisory periods on Exam days.  These students may study quietly in the cafeteria.  Students who are not taking Exams should not loiter in the hallways because this disrupts the Exam environment! 

Please Note: Any request to take exams outside of the above times must be submitted IN WRITING to the Associate Principal as far in advance as possible. The request should include which exams to be taken outside of the scheduled times and the reason (s) why. Please note that request are NOT guaranteed and may be denied. Please make every effort to take exams during the times scheduled above.

To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.