October 6, 2017

Calendar of Events

Monday, October 9              No School Fall Holiday

Clubs and Activities

  • In honor of National 4-H Week, come enjoy some free cider tomorrow during 6th hour lunch. We will be located in the main hallway, until supplies are gone.

  • It is National 4-H Week. This year mission is: Adventure –Join the Team. Change the World. Agriculture, food, and related industries contributed $992 billion to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015. A job in food science is one of the most common jobs in this category. The median annual Food Scientist salary is $68,853.

  • The deadline for Mu Alpha Theta applications and fees is Friday, October 6th. No applications or fees will be accepted after Friday, October 6th. Get your material to Mrs. Miller or Mr. Bagniefski.

    College and Career

    College visits have started at Centennial! Colleges and other post-secondary institutions will be visiting our school to give you more information about what they are all about! To sign up for the visit, please go to the College and Career Center, and please check the calendar on the website to see who is coming in the future!


                              Friday, October 6th                                                                                         Tuesday, October 10th

               2nd hour – University of Missouri (Mizzou)                           3rd  hour  - Butler University

              3rd  hour – University of Southern California                                 5th hour  -   Lawrence Technical Institute

                                                                                                                           7th  hour  -  Illinois College

            Wednesday, October 11

             3rd hour – University of Iowa                                                                Thursday, October 12

             7th hour  - University of Illinois at Springfield                                1st hour  - Illinois State University    

    To view Athletic events, Please use the " Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.