January 30, 2018

Clubs and Activities

  • Senior Night is tonight for two of our wrestlers at Centennial. Nick Langenfeld and JustinCardani will be wrestling their last matches at Centennial tonight starting 6:00 pm. Go Chargers

  • Looking to shower your friends with Valentines? What better way than with fresh flowers delivered on February 14th  

    Dance Marathon will be selling carnations for $2.00 each. Send a note and a flower to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Come to room 236 to purchase your flowers. Add a message for free.

  • If you have an orange fall MTD sticker please come to the Attendance office before or after school.

  • Just a reminder: that before 8 AM, students can wait outside, in the cafeteria, or in hallways immediately east or west of the cafeteria.

  • Math Peer Tutoring is up and running for Semester 2! Peer tutors are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school from 3:30-4:15 pm. Tuesday and Thursday are in room 236 and Wednesday is in room 239. Come on in and get that math done!

  • Tickets for the Centennial boys basketball game at Central will be on sale today during lunch and after school until 4:00 pm.

    College and Career:

    If you are interested in the Early College and Career Academy, please turn in your application, as well as the other material required to Mr. Chun in the College and Career by Thursday, February 1st.

    If you are looking for fun summer programs such as the University of Illinois AG discovery program, or research opportunities, check out the “Fun Opportunities” page at the College and Career Center website. You can find it under “Resources” at the Centennial Webpage!

  • To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.