January 24, 2018

Clubs and Activities

  • Rattle the Stars is having a meeting on Monday, January 29th at 3:30 pm in room 230. We will discuss and organize our spring semester. Please join us, all are welcome!

  • Chad, Japanese Tea Ceremony, is returning to the Library next Wednesday. Representative from Japan House of the University of Illinois will share this traditional Japanese art. This a free and open to everyone. You’ll want to grab a good seat! Wednesday, January 31st, at 3:30pm in the Library.

  • The next knitting club meeting is Thursday, January 25th after school in room 122. Everyone is welcome. No supplies? No problem. If you have any questions, please talk to Mrs. Sudlow.

  • Gay-Straight Alliance will be having our first meeting of the semester this Thursday, January 25th, in room 104 at 7:30 am. Come join the discussion as we plan ahead for the rest of this year and beyond.

  • Congratulations to the Chargers who attended the Downer’s Grove South tournament this past weekend. All the Chargers went out and did their best! Sibiraj Senguttuvan placed 4th in Impromptu Semi-finals,but did not advance to the final round. Congratulations again, Chargers.

  • Math Peer Tutoring is up and running for Semester 2!Peer tutors are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3:30-4:15 pm. Tuesday and Thursday are in room 236 and Wednesday is in room 239. Come on in and get that math done!

  • Students interested in learning about racial identity development and becoming advocates for racial justice should consider joining RISE. RISE, the Racial Identity Student Experience, is comprised of students from Central, Centennial and Novak and caring adults who wish to formulate a progressive understanding about race. All genders and gender expression are welcome. A light dinner will be provided. The next meeting is at Centennial January 23rd in the library and room 127 from 4:00-5:30 pm. A bus will bring Central students to and from the meeting. Centennial students can see Ms. Aikman, Ms. Bonam , Mr. Carter, Mr. Henderson, Ms. Downs, Ms. Fundator, Ms. Gentry, Mr. Turner and Ms. Hutchison for more information.

  • Just a reminder: that before 8 AM, students can wait outside, in the cafeteria, or in hallways immediately east or west of the cafeteria

    College and Career:

    If you are looking for fun summer programs such as the University of Illinois AG discovery program, or research opportunities, check out the “Fun Opportunities” page at the College and Career Center website. You can find it under “Resources” at the Centennial Webpage!

  • To view athletic events, Please use the "Calendar" link on Centennial's homepage.