MLA Citation Styles and Aids

Centennial teachers require students to follow MLA style citation.

Go to this site for Interactive MLA Forms: Copy and paste citations into your document! (Click on NoodleBib MLA Starter under Free Software Tools). To save your work you will need to create a logon.

NoodleBib MLA Starter (Free version)

Research Tips

It is recommended that you print a copy of any information you find on the Internet that you plan to use in your research paper. Keep copies until after your paper is graded and returned to you by your instructor. If your teacher has questions regarding your Internet resources you can show him/her your copies for clarification. A URL for a site is not always sufficient, since the information may have changed since your last visit.

Copyright Issues and the Web

Most information available on the Internet is protected by copyright. You must adhere to copyright laws when using Internet resources on your Web pages and in your multimedia presentations. If You plan to use graphics, text, animation or entire portions of Web sites for use in multimedia projects and Web pages, you need to obtain permission to do so from the holder of the copyright. If granted permission to use copyright material, it is wise to ask the holder of the copyright how they want the credit to read. You can usually contact the owner or webmaster by e-mail; the e-mail address is typically available on the Web site. The following Web sites provide guidelines when using Internet resources protected by copyright.

Copyright in an Electronic Environment contains general guidelines on copyright, fair use, and permission requirements. This site is maintained by the North Carolina Public Schools.